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Spring is slow to take hold in Vermont

Spring is slow to take hold in Vermont this year, but the garlic doesn’t seem to mind. It’s incredibly green and vibrant. We had almost 100% germination with very little winter kill, so with a little luck and some decent … Continue reading

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Escape to Culinary Bliss: Garlic Scapes on the menu

We are harvesting the garlic scapes! It wasn’t too long ago that food-lovers and even chefs wondered, “What are scapes?” Today they ask, “Where can I get more?” Scape season is short and sweet. Like lilacs, these culinary delights last … Continue reading

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How did Italian food conquer the world? Garlic! One Clove at a Time

The April Fools Day forecast for Vermont and the Northeast is for snow. Heavy, wet snow: 8 inch accumulation and 30-degree temperatures. It might not be pretty. So like many of my fellow Vermonters, I’ll be seeking solace in food. … Continue reading

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Cold and Flu season in Vermont: time to learn more about the healing properties of garlic

The cure for the common cold eludes us, the influenza virus mutates from West Nile to Bird Flu to H1N1, and still we seek solace and comfort in the promise of garlic. For as long as home remedies have existed, … Continue reading

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Garlic Christmas in Vermont

Garlic is not always associated with Christmas, but here in Vermont we do not relegate the regal tuber to Halloween and protection from evil spirits. In fact garlic’s role in our daily lives in winter is even more prevalent that … Continue reading

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Vermont localvore in Winter: Garlic makes everything better

In season, eating locally in Vermont is a beautiful thing. The bounty of organic local food at harvest time is unparalleled in New England. But winter poses some different culinary challenges (most of them accentuated by garlic of course): winter … Continue reading

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