2012 garlic is harvested and in the barn

Garlic drying in the upstairs of the barn

Harvesting garlic in July 2012

Tarp protects the garlic from the sun

Garlic hanging in the barn

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3 Responses to 2012 garlic is harvested and in the barn

  1. Susan Baguiao says:

    My first year for growing your garlic can’t wait to cook with it and roast it, You have great news about garlic a on growing and havesting, and drying. My crop came out nice and the bulbs were a nice size and i did put my order in for the next planting. Thank You

  2. Denise Wetzel says:

    This has been my first year growing garlic.
    Can some of this year’s harvested garlic be saved and planted in the fall for next year? What’s the best way to store it as “seed garlic”?

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