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We are sold out of seed garlic for the 2021 season. We will start taking orders for our 2022 crop in June, 2022. We will have limited amount of garlic for sale next year, as we are downsizing our crop in our retirement.


  1. German Extra HardyGerman Extra Hardy

    German Extra Hardy

    German Extra Hardy also known as German White, a porcelain, hardneck is one of the most winter-hardy garlic varieties. A very white garlic, but the clove wrappers are a dark red. A distinctive, moderately spicy flavor sets this garlic apart from the rest. Plump cloves on paper-white bulbs, this is a great roasting variety, and stores well into the winter months. Each bulb typically has 5-6 cloves and there are 4-6 heads per pound.
    1/2 lb  $13.95

    1 lb      $23.95

  2. Montana GiantMontana Giant

    Montana Giant

    Montana Giant lives up to its name and consistently produces a huge bulb with 5-7 cloves and 4-6 bulbs per pound.  This porcelain, hardneck plant is impressive. Its large, hardy green leaves stands out in the garden and produce a large, fully-curled scape.  Its full, slightly spicy, flavor starts off hot and then mellows. As with the other porcelains it makes cooking easy, one or two cloves provide enough garlic for a meal.
    1/2 lb – $13.95

    1lb – $23.95

  3. Music – Porcelain, HardneckMusic - Porcelain, Hardneck Garlic


    Music is one of our most popular varieties.  This Porcelain, Hardneck is an easy garlic to grow and and does well in cold climates. The dark green plant grows to 3 or more feet tall, producing a large head with 4-6 large, easy to peel cloves, making it a favorite for cooking.  This porcelain has an outstanding flavor, rivaling that of the Rocamboles and stores well into the winter months. Great flavor for pesto & salsas.  There are approximately 4-6 heads per pound with this variety.
    1/2 lb  $13.95

    1lb  $23.95

  4. Chesnok RedChesnok Red

    Chesnok Red

    Chesnok Red, a purple stripe variety, is especially good for cooking, as it keeps its bold and spicy flavor. It’s one of our favorites. This year we are particularly impressed with the size and beautiful color of this variety. Originally from the Russian Republic of Georgia this garlic is a great performer, year after year,  with 9-10 easy to peel large cloves per bulb and 5-7 bulbs per pound.
    1/2 lb  $13.95

    1 lb  $23.95

  5. Silver White

    Silver White, originally from California, grows well in both cold and warm climates. This softneck garlic has 5 layers of wrappers, up to 12-15 cloves per bulb and 6-9 bulbs per pound. A very striking variety whose cloves are a deep mahogany color with red streaks and bulb wrappers that are thick and creamy white. Silver White is our longest storing garlic, if stored in a cool, dry place it should last well into the spring and early summer.  This is also a beautiful and sturdy garlic for braiding.
    1/2 lb  $13.95

    1lb       $23.95

  6. Premium Black Garlic – (not for planting)

    If you haven’t tasted Black Garlic yet, you’re in for a real treat!  We’ve been making Black Garlic for ourselves for several years and are excited to now be able to share it with you!  Black garlic is made by aging garlic, under specialized conditions of low heat and humidity, over the course of several weeks.  This process turns the cloves black, soft and sweet, with an incredibly complex umami richness.  The black color comes from the melanoidins, which are a product of the reaction between the sugar and the amino acids breaking down. The non-volatile ingredients of the raw garlic are preserved.  There are no additives, preservatives or burning of any kind.

    Black garlic is a superfood very rich in antioxidants and Allicin, the compound that is responsible for all of garlic’s healing properties.  It is used in Korea, where it was first developed, as a health product.  Here in the U.S. it’s very popular with chefs and home cooks. It can be eaten alone, spread on bread or a burger, used in soups and salad dressings or tossed in a veggie stir fry. Have fun trying it in your favorite meal.

    All of our black garlic is made with our farm grown, certified organic garlic.  It’s sold in bags containing three to four bulbs.  It’s shelf stable, however, we recommend storing it in the refrigerator, where it should keep for up to a year. 

    $12.00/bag – 3-4 bulbs, average weight 4 oz.
    * Please note Black Garlic will be shipped with your bulb order in September.  If you would like Black Garlic shipped sooner, please place a separate order for the Black Garlic.