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Escape to Culinary Bliss: Garlic Scapes on the menu

We are harvesting the garlic scapes! It wasn’t too long ago that food-lovers and even chefs wondered, “What are scapes?” Today they ask, “Where can I get more?” Scape season is short and sweet. Like lilacs, these culinary delights last … Continue reading

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Curing Organic Garlic: Waiting for Perfection

It is an exciting time at the Garlic Farm: we are busy with this year’s harvest. Most of the organic garlic is already drying in the barn. Now that waiting begins. After garlic is harvested it needs to be cured, … Continue reading

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Follow Your Nose – the Foodie Trail in Waterbury Center starts with Garlic

For dedicated Foodies in Vermont, life revolves around the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of cooking and entertaining; local, fresh food is the nucleus of the menu; and of course, garlic is the flavorful foundation of all things savory. … Continue reading

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Bring on the Garlic Scapes!

Every garlic bulb wants to grow up to become a luscious green garlic plant. Thus it sends up beautiful, spiraling shoots as it grows. These are garlic scapes. They grow from hard-neck varieties of garlic. Farmers harvest them, thus focusing … Continue reading

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Early Spring in Vermont: The Garlic is doing fine!

The unseasonably warm spring weather is breaking records here in Vermont and causing speculation about the 2012 growing season. Trees are budding earlier, migratory birds have returned ahead of schedule, and peepers are singing. Vermont’s maple sugaring season has come … Continue reading

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Garlic Scapes make up the Landscape at Green Mountain Garlic

Garlic scapes are green, tender and wildly popular among the gourmet set. They grow in beautiful spirals and can be hard to find in the grocery store. Garlic scapes are all over Vermont gardens at the moment. That’s nice, you … Continue reading

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Vermont Maple History and the Union of Maple and Garlic

As winter clings to Vermont (temperatures only in the 20s and 30s this week), Vermonters revel in a little sweet tradition: maple sugaring. Sugar shacks across the state are ablaze with wood-fired boilers reducing sap to Vermont maple syrup (the … Continue reading

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