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Escape to Culinary Bliss: Garlic Scapes on the menu

We are harvesting the garlic scapes! It wasn’t too long ago that food-lovers and even chefs wondered, “What are scapes?” Today they ask, “Where can I get more?” Scape season is short and sweet. Like lilacs, these culinary delights last … Continue reading

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Putting Food By – Even Organic Garlic

In Vermont, the time-honored tradition of putting food by is alive and well. Though the refrigerator nearly killed our dependence on the root cellar, where garlic and onions can last all season long, we still use the same concepts for … Continue reading

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Bring on the Garlic Scapes!

Every garlic bulb wants to grow up to become a luscious green garlic plant. Thus it sends up beautiful, spiraling shoots as it grows. These are garlic scapes. They grow from hard-neck varieties of garlic. Farmers harvest them, thus focusing … Continue reading

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Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like the smell of Garlic in the kitchen

To celebrate the season and the turkeys rooting around the fields at the garlic farm, we thought we’d look into favorite garlic-infused holiday recipes. Turkey of course is the most popular dish, but we also looked at some vegetarian options … Continue reading

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What to do with too much zucchini? Add Garlic, of course

Garlic can add interest to any vegetable – even zucchini. On the eve of National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night (yes it is a real national holiday, ask any Vermont gardener), it is appropriate that we celebrate … Continue reading

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Vermont localvore in Winter: Garlic makes everything better

In season, eating locally in Vermont is a beautiful thing. The bounty of organic local food at harvest time is unparalleled in New England. But winter poses some different culinary challenges (most of them accentuated by garlic of course): winter … Continue reading

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