Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes are a delicious, mild garlic-flavored, brilliant green shoot that grows from hardneck garlic.  We clip them off to divert that growing energy to the bulb of garlic.  These tender shoots a treasured culinary treat available in June.  Check out our “Cooking with Garlic” page for some great scape recipes and remember that the scapes make the greenest pesto!  They are also great grilled, chopped fresh in just about anything, sauteed or even pickled.  We will ship you a box with 6lbs of scapes which will last through the spring, and make more than enough pesto to put in your freezer. We will harvest and ship the scapes on the same day. They are harvested in mid-June and will last for 2 -3 weeks after shipping if refrigerated. They can also be frozen for use throughout the year.


Aproximately 6 lbs – $48.50   *Scapes ship in June – harvest times may vary due to weather.

*For our local garlic lovers – Our farm stand will only be open weekends in September and October. Please email us at to place a scape order for special pick up at the farm in June.

Just picked garlic scapes

sauteed garlic scapes with roasted pine nuts

Sauteed Garlic Scapes with Roasted Pine Nuts

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