Green Garlic

Just about the time we run out of garlic from last year’s crop it’s time to start eating green garlic.  Often called spring garlic or green garlic, it is simply garlic that is picked early in Organic Green Garlicthe spring before the cloves begin to form.

You can plant cloves close together in the fall to use as green garlic in the spring. On the farm we get our green garlic by picking “doubles” (two stems of garlic growing together).  One stem is left in the ground and the other goes from “farm to table.”  This vibrant, fresh garlic can be used in just about anything. Don’t be afraid to go big with these freshly picked beauties. You can use the whole stem and leaf (unless it is too woody at the top) and since its flavor is not as robust as regular garlic it will not overpower the dish. It’s great grilled, sauteed or freshly chopped for a salad.  Check out this link from The Huffington Post with some tantalizing green garlic recipes here.

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