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When it comes to Vermont Produce which is better: Local or Organic?

The local versus organic food debate is not new. In Vermont it heats up to a boiling point almost every harvest season. In winter, when less local produce is available, it seems obvious that organic is the way to go. … Continue reading

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Cold and Flu season in Vermont: time to learn more about the healing properties of garlic

The cure for the common cold eludes us, the influenza virus mutates from West Nile to Bird Flu to H1N1, and still we seek solace and comfort in the promise of garlic. For as long as home remedies have existed, … Continue reading

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Garlic Christmas in Vermont

Garlic is not always associated with Christmas, but here in Vermont we do not relegate the regal tuber to Halloween and protection from evil spirits. In fact garlic’s role in our daily lives in winter is even more prevalent that … Continue reading

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Why Choose Organic? In Vermont it’s about community and taste

The short answer is that eating organic food is the single most important thing we can do for the health of our bodies and our planet. Organic food contains higher nutrients; And organic food just tastes better! The long answer … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in Vermont: Garlic Turkey isn’t necessarily dinner

Thanksgiving in Vermont is a magical time filled with anticipation: the Garlic is planted and mulched; the naked trees afford views of early snow on nearby mountain tops; friends and family are on their way home for dinner. Organic Local … Continue reading

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