Follow Your Nose – the Foodie Trail in Waterbury Center starts with Garlic

For dedicated Foodies in Vermont, life revolves around the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of cooking and entertaining; local, fresh food is the nucleus of the menu; and of course, garlic is the flavorful foundation of all things savory. At Green Mountain Garlic, we take it a step further. For us, garlic is the quintessence of cooking…and the root of the Foodie Trail in Waterbury Center.

Within a 15-miles radius, you’ll find some great Vermont Foodie destinations. The Google Map below will get your started on the trail of Central Vermont Culinary Delights:

A: Green Mountain Garlic – Home sweet home
B: Hen of the Wood* – Food cooked from as close to the source as possible
C: Michael’s On the Hill* – European Influenced Farm to Table Cuisine
D: Ben & Jerrys – A sorbet to cleanse the palette?
E: Cold Hollow Cider Mill – Grab something for breakfast tomorrow
F: Prohibition Pig – Classic cocktails, craft beer, fine barbecue

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*Michaels’ On the Hill and Hen of the Wood get top billing because they serve Green Mountain Garlic and and often have scapes on their menus (in season and depending upon availability). Both restaurants base their menus on the availability of fresh, local ingredients.

Michael speaks with farmers before the season to discuss his desires and to learn of any unique seasonal conditions…”Our menus are created around our local organic farmers’ specialties.” His summer menu includes this spectacular appetizer: Maplebrook Farm Buratta with Grilled Stone Fruit, Garlic Scapes, Lemon Balm Olive Oil & Fleur de Sel (soon to be your favorite: Buratta is a fresh, Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream).

Hen of the Wood creates daily changing menus based on “the wealth of premium ingredients found only miles from the restaurant in the lush Green Mountains and Champlain Valley”. A recent menu included New England Flounder with
Spring Vegetables, Spring Garlic & Saffron.

A few Waterbury treasures eluded the watchful eye of Google Maps. Among them are: Blackback Pub & Flyshop, a craft beer bar (Blackback is a nickname for Brook Trout, the only native stream dwelling trout to New England), and The Daisy Knoll Berry Farm on Shaw Mansion Road, just up the road about one mile from the Garlic Farm.

Happy Trails.

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