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Crop Mobs save Vermont Farms in the Wake of Hurricane Irene

While the Green Mountain State was ravaged by Hurricane Irene, we held our breath at Green Mountain Garlic. Luckily, the Garlic Farm weathered the storm very well. When we see the devastation across Vermont we cannot be more grateful for our good fortune this year. But the storm took a huge toll on many small farms – just at the beginning of their harvest.

The call went out for help harvesting as the waters rose and Crop Mobs appeared out of the mud and rain as if by magic. You’ve heard of Flash Mobs like the Hallelujah Chorus in a food court or the Michael Jackson Dance Tribute in Stockholm, well imagine volunteers from all walks of life in mud boots and raincoats rescuing livestock and vegetables as the flood waters rise, and you’ll get an idea of what an incredible community Vermonter is in a disaster.

[youtube SXh7JR9oKVE 480]

Crop Mobs are usually made up of Wannabe farmers who volunteer their time to help out farms in need. In exchange the Crop Mobber learns farming skills and gets the satisfaction of being a good citizen. It’s like a short-term WWOOF program.

Fundraisers, FaceBook pages and Website already abound online. So even if you are trapped at your desk and can’t get out there and get dirty helping your neighborhood farmers, you can make a big difference. Take a look:

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