Fresh Vermont Garlic – July 3rd

I just picked this fresh garlic today. These organic heads are a mix of all of our different varieties.  They are all growing really well this year.

Fresh garlic is completely different than its cured older brother. Most of the garlic available in stores right now is from China; this is the first chance for many of us to get local Vermont garlic.

To garlic lovers, the harvest of fresh garlic is anticipated like France’s Beaujolais Nouveau. And like the Nouveau, fresh garlic is light and crisp and ready for immediate consumption.

It can be used fresh in salads and dressings. Try experimenting with a bit of the green. Use only the first third of the green – sliver and sauté with fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic and basil for a quick, light summer pasta. Or parboil (if the greens are too strong for you) and use in pesto, potato salads, herbed butters or even scrambled eggs.

Roasted fresh garlic makes the ultimate, tender spread for baguette or crustini. Just roast it in olive oil as you would cured garlic. Or fresh garlic can be drizzled in olive oil, wrapped in foil and tossed onto the grill with your favorite meats and veggies. My favorite seasonal use of fresh garlic is in garlic butter served on roasted corn on the cob.

Fresh garlic is not available in grocery stores. It’s a fleeting delight, like ramps or fiddle heads, that is only available for a short period of time at farms, farmers markets and CSAs.

We will eat some of this fresh garlic now and sell some of it from of our barn (hurry down to the farm for yours!). Most of of it, though, will remain in the ground for another 2-3 weeks until we harvest this year’s crop.

Here are some things to try with fresh garlic:
Cucumber and Onion Gazpacho with Grilled Fresh Garlic Chips
Santa Fe Corn on the Cob

Bon Appétit and have a great Fourth of July!

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