Does Garlic Really Repel Mosquitoes?

Record breaking flooding in Vermont this spring has set the stage for a bumper crop of moisture-loving mosquitoes. There are many natural remedies for repelling those little blood-sucking devils: tea tree oil, marigolds, citronella, cedar oil, etc. I have had great success with peppermint oil (used topically) and Vitamin B1 (tablet).

The jury is still out, though, on garlic’s effectiveness as a mosquito repellent, but the volume of anecdotal evidence flies in the face of the dearth of scientific evidence (those scientists aren’t spending that much time outdoors, anyway, they might not have a lot of experience with mosquitoes). Garlic has a long history of  success getting rid of bugs. It is purported to turn most mosquitoes away.

Some say it’s the allicin in garlic that is repugnant to mosquitoes; others cite the mosquito-vampire connection for garlic’s repellant success. According to, the strong fragrance of garlic overwhelms the mosquito’s sense of smell so much so that he can’t find his prey (you and me). Some garlic fans use it topically, but I recommend eating it. That way you will receive all of garlic’s magical benefits. Check out the Garlic and Health category of our blog for more of garlic’s benefits – many are scientifically proven).

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3 Responses to Does Garlic Really Repel Mosquitoes?

  1. Can you suggest garlic amount to eat in order to be able to repel mosquitoes?

    If I’m not wrong, taking garlic too much can bring unpleasant reaction? What do you think? Thanks.

    • garlic says:

      Thank you Mosquito Killer, for your comment.

      It’s the smell of garlic that repels mosquitoes. The amount one should eat in order to generate a nice perfume varies per person. It depends on your body weight, and the type of garlic you eat (raw or cooked). Ingested garlic is a mild repellent, garlic sprays and lotions can be more effective and more fragrant. The overall health benefits of regular garlic consumption are indisputable, repelling mosquitoes is just a wonderful side benefit. I recommend regular daily consumption – a clove of raw garlic a day.

      Vitamin B is also a known mosquito repellent. Take it daily a few months before mosquito season to enjoy its full effects.

      Happy summer!

  2. HelpedByGarlic says:

    I’m from Africa and my father used to give us 1 clove of garlic when we were kids and he told us that garlic helps fight mosquitoes. That’s all I remember as I HATED IT, but now I am garlic guru!

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