Spring Cleaning: Detox with a garlic cleanse

Vermont is one of the more health-conscious states in the Union. In fact, the United Health Foundation ranks Vermont among the top ten healthy states (based on 22 measures that include air pollution, daily vegetables and fruits, and high school graduation rates).

So it is not surprising that the phrase “spring cleaning” has a slightly different meaning here in the Green Mountains.

Many Vermonters are talking about internal cleansing, think more elimination than absolution. Group Cleanses, Detox Diets, Juice Fasts, the Master Cleanse are all popular topics lately online and in person. It is also not surprising to learn that garlic can play an important role in detoxifying the body.

Garlic is the Josephine-The-Plumber of the vegetable world. It can remove heavy metals and is used by many to flush out other toxins in the body. Garlic is a proven antiviral and antibacterial that helps the liver protect the body against harmful foreign invaders. And the phytochemicals in garlic break down fatty deposits.

The notion of breaking down fat is most welcomed. The are many garlic flushes and garlic cleanses online. The one below originally called the Liver Cleanse is also referred to as The Garlic Cleanse, or The Whole Body Cleanse, or The Fat Flush. It can be found in many holistic health texts. The version I found on Squidoo is very easy and straightforward:

Here is what you need: (All items should be raw, fresh and are better if organic)
1. Garlic
2. Ginger Root
3. Olive Oil
4. Orange
5. Lemon
6. Cayenne Pepper
7. Mint Tea
8. Water, lots of water
9. (optional) L-Arginine & L- Ornithine Capsules
10. Lots of raw fruits and vegetables. Avoid those high in starch such as potatoes and bananas.

First thing in the morning drink a glass of water.
Place ingredients items 1-6 in a blender, in the following amounts
1. Garlic (4 to 8 cloves)
2. Ginger Root (1 to 2 inches)
3. Olive Oil (1/4 to ½ cup)
4. Orange (1 whole fresh squeezed, juice only)
5. Lemon (1 whole fresh squeezed, juice only)
6. Cayenne Pepper (few dashes, appx ¼ to ½ tsp)

Blend until pureed, you may add water if necessary. Should make about 12 ounces. Hold your nose and gulp it down. The first time I drank this I had a hard time holding it down and experienced some stomach pain as I was not used to this much raw garlic. You may drink some water after to rinse some of the garlic taste out of your mouth. After 20 minutes drink 2 cups of mint tea. For the remainder of the day you may only eat raw fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water. You must drink 1 gallon per day to flush the toxins out (very important!). Repeat for seven (7) days. Repeat cleanse every 3 to 4 months.

The health enthusiast who published this cleanse claims that she “felt healthier, happier, sharper and clear headed. [She] no longer was so quick to anger, [her] allergies subsided.” This kind of endorsement makes me imagine that if garlic was introduced in this way to Congress, it could potentially prevent future government shut-downs.

image credit: www.watchmojo.com, www.sciencedaily.com
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