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Celebrating Garlic through the ages

The history of garlic is well documented in books and inscriptions throughout time. A brief history might include everything from the Ancient Roman proverb “One must be suspicious of anyone who does not eat garlic” to the use of garlic … Continue reading

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Vermont Snow: Why is it called “Poor Man’s Fertilizer”?

The snow this year in Central Vermont is magnificent, our garlic farm is covered with a glorious blanket of it prompting many friends to ask “How is the garlic doing under this blanket?” It’s great! The blanket contains nitrogen. As … Continue reading

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Twilight Farm covered in snow

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Just in Time for Valentine’s Day: Garlic is Good For Your Sex Life

Garlic is good for your sex life. Is this a folk tale? Is it factual? Is it both? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ll take a look at garlic’s effects in the bedroom. The benefits of garlic are all … Continue reading

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When it comes to Vermont Produce which is better: Local or Organic?

The local versus organic food debate is not new. In Vermont it heats up to a boiling point almost every harvest season. In winter, when less local produce is available, it seems obvious that organic is the way to go. … Continue reading

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