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Organic Garlic and New Year’s Resolutions

Here in Vermont, leftovers from Christmas dinner are almost gone and Hanukkah is a fading memory. It’s time to focus on the New Year. Having historically enjoyed very little will-power, New Year’s Resolutions have been the bane of my winter … Continue reading

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Garlic Christmas in Vermont

Garlic is not always associated with Christmas, but here in Vermont we do not relegate the regal tuber to Halloween and protection from evil spirits. In fact garlic’s role in our daily lives in winter is even more prevalent that … Continue reading

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Why Choose Organic? In Vermont it’s about community and taste

The short answer is that eating organic food is the single most important thing we can do for the health of our bodies and our planet. Organic food contains higher nutrients; And organic food just tastes better! The long answer … Continue reading

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Vermont localvore in Winter: Garlic makes everything better

In season, eating locally in Vermont is a beautiful thing. The bounty of organic local food at harvest time is unparalleled in New England. But winter poses some different culinary challenges (most of them accentuated by garlic of course): winter … Continue reading

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